Possible 2017 Release Of New Expansions

All successful collectible card games maintain their relevance by adding new expansions at periodic intervals, and HearthStone is no different. As for Conceal, Blizzard feels that the card is frustrating for others to play against, since they often can't do anything against a board of stealthed enemy minions. This cycle will introduce more cards to Standard, as the middle release used to be a 45-card set, and prevent the format from stagnating.

Another key change is the way Blizzard handles the release of Adventures and expansions. When this happens, the standard format's name will change over from Year of the Kraken to Year of the Mammoth.

Six of the cards will reach the "Hall of Fame", being banned from the Standard mode because they were all dominant in the deck choice or mana slot. Now that cards are being rotated out into the Hall of Fame rather than nerfed it's a reasonable response, and it seems like Blizzard are going to see how the first year of proper Wild competition (another of yesterday's announcements) goes before committing to it. There are big expansions like The Grand Tournament, Whispers of the Old Gods, and The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan that usually add more than 100 cards to the game all at once. The first one was the Standard mode which featured the original cards plus of the expansions that occurred a year ago and the second mode was the Wild one which included every card ever existing. Silver lining: If you had any of the six, Blizzard will award you its full dust cost without the need to disenchant it as a mea culpa.

Above: Ragnaros has a reputation as one of Hearthstone's most powerful cards. Standard also gives our developers more freedom when designing new cards for the future. Power Overwhelming enables Warlocks to burst out a lot of damage for cheap, using other cards like Faceless Manipulator and Leeroy Jenkins to perform lethal combos. For 2017, there will be three expansions, each with around 130 cards. Instead, the storytelling found in Adventures will be incorporated into new expansions, with Blizzard to start offering optional single-player missions tied to expansions beginning the second set for the Year of the Mammoth. Maiev was the Warden from Warcraft 3's Frozen Throne expansion, and a large part of the Night Elf campaign in that title involved her efforts to track down and recapture Illidan, the Demon Hunter known as the Betrayer. The dust will be automatically added to accounts once the Year of the Mammoth begins and a player logs in for the first time. This dust will be handed out once the Year of the Mammoth begins.

You are logged out. Once that's out, you'll be able to obtain Maiev by winning 10 Standard Ranked or Casual matches. Daily Login rewards will be available for a limited time, which will offer dust, gold, and expansion packs.

Are you excited for all the changes coming to Hearthstone in 2017?

Vanessa Coleman