Pool Where Biden Worked as Lifeguard Named After Him

It's not often that a former vice president visits a neighborhood pool, but that's what happened Monday as Joe Biden returned to a Wilmington pool where he worked as a lifeguard decades ago. He sat in a lifeguard chair as the Brown Burton Winchester Park renamed its pool in his honor. Philadelphia's Tim Furlong shared a photo of Biden by the pool surrounded by children, and fans of the former vice president are going to love it.

"Every minute, every day matters to patients, and we must bring that same sense of urgency to cancer research and care systems", the Biden's said in a release.

The Biden Cancer Initiative will be guided by a Board of Directors co-chaired by Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden which includes world-renowned leaders and experts in the fields of medical research, patient care, information technology, finance, management, patient engagement, patient experience, and public policy.

As the only white lifeguard at the Prices Run Pool at the time, Biden says his co-workers "treated me as an equal", but he learned some valuable lessons that would later shape his views as a politician.

"The only thing I know how to do to is I know how to organize a little bit", Biden said, "and bring people together, that's what I tried to make my whole career about". "I owe you all".

Here's a picture of Joe Biden, wearing a suit, sitting in a lifeguard chair. "So, I wanted to work here".

"They'd ask me questions - because I really was the only white guy they really knew - about things that just startled me", he said.

"I've received an terrible lot of wonderful honors all my career". I owe this neighborhood. The greatest honor was serving you for so long.

Vanessa Coleman