Police Say Harris County Woman Tied Plastic Bag Around Infant Son's Head

Jamelle Peterkin was arrested Thursday and released Sunday on $15,000 bond, according to law enforcement records.

"You'll have to find someone else, because if you get within 200 feet of the child while this order is pending, she's going to have to bring that child to 701 San Jacinto to visit you because you're going to be in jail", the judge said, according to KPRC-TV. She has no criminal record in Harris County, court records state.

Ra'Neicha Broadnax, 20, is expecting her first child, but her motherly instinct has already kicked in and that in part inspired her to save her 1-year-old nephew Jaiden from harm, KTLA sister station KDAF in Dallas reported. In a photo, the prosecutor said, "officers saw. the complainant in a child auto sear with a plastic bag over his head, covering the face and tying it in a knot", according to KPRC 2.

"You should call the Richmond Police Department being that you're in Virginia and we're in Texas", Broadnax said police in Humble told her.

Peterkin is accused of placing a plastic bag over the boys head, burning his hand with a lighter, crushing his other hand and punching the toddler in the stomach.

Broadnax said her brother, who has three children, had no idea his son was being abused. However, Police Capt. Melinda Bradshaw of the Police Department emphasized that the case was not in Humble but in Harris County, which was under the jurisdiction of the Precinct 4 constable's office.

An order of protection was issued Monday ordering Peterkin not to be within 200 feet of the child. After that, she was flooded with responses from law enforcement from all over the USA, she said. "We came up with an address based on the last name".

"She sent the pictures to her ex-boyfriend to disturb him", prosecutors said.

Broadnax said she called Peterkin after seeing the videos, asking why did she hurt Jaiden.

The aunt, who said she began receiving the messages on April 13, said Peterkin indicated she was angry about the father's new girlfriend. She also seems to be addressing the baby's father when she says to the baby, "Tell my mama you should have left her out of your bull****".

Vanessa Coleman