PlayStation 4 Sales Surpass 70 Million Worldwide

If two of the discounts you missed happened to be on the PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR bundles, you're in luck, because Sony announced on Wednesday that they're coming back next week. The company also sold more than 617.8 million copes of PS4 games, and a total of 2 million PlayStation VR units. It's doing so well internationally and in the USA that Microsoft doesn't even post sales numbers for the Xbox One anymore, and the Wii U isn't even a platform anymore.

Andrew House, chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said: "We are delighted that so many people are enjoying the unique entertainment proposition of PlayStation 4, and that an emerging technology like PlayStation VR continues to gain traction". Doesn't sound like a lot? Nintendo estimates it'll sell around 14 million Switch consoles in its first year, while Sony's expecting to move a whopping 18 million PlayStation 4 consoles in the same amount of time. And it's also sold almost 200 million games for the console.

The PlayStation 4 was the less expensive console when it launched in 2013, coming in at $100 less than Microsoft's Xbox One. Several PS4-exclusive and Sony-exclusive titles are up for big award categories, including Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5 for Game of the Year. All three of those games are only playable on PS4.

It's not just the PlayStation 4 that's become a success; growth of PlayStation VR has seen a boost in 2017.

Kazuhiko Takeda, Head of Corporate Planning for the electronics giant, made it clear that the Switch is a sure-fire competitor within the video game business, and not something Sony can afford to ignore.

Vanessa Coleman