Plane quarantined at New York's JFK Airport after passengers fall ill

Emirates can confirm that about 10 passengers on #EK203 from Dubai to NY were taken ill.

"Emirates can confirm that about 10 passengers on board flight EK203 from Dubai to NY were taken ill", the spokeswoman said. The airline said three passengers and seven crew members were taken to a hospital. He said the sick people were on what he called the "bottom floor".

Eleven people aboard an Emirates airline flight from Dubai were taken to NY hospitals with a mystery ailment after scores of passengers and crew complained of feeling sick during the 14-hour overnight trip from the Middle East.

An airport source tells Fox 5 News that there was a "medical emergency" onboard the plane.

The nine other passengers were medically screened on scene and were later released. He said "early indications point to that as a possibility". Meanwhile, a previous statement from Emirates via Twitter put the number of ill passengers at just "about" 10. That said, Emirates officials reportedly told US officials that only 10 people were ill and believes this incident was caused by food poisoning.

Airport officials held the plane for several hours so that the ill passengers could be attended by local health authorities.

Flight 203 was on an Airbus double-decker aircraft, a super jumbo jet, and was carrying 521 passengers, according to the CDC.

Footage showed the plane, surrounded by emergency vehicles, sitting on the tarmac.

Larry Coben, a passenger on the plane, posted pictures on Twitter of unaffected passengers being checked as they disembarked. "Symptoms still pointing to the flu", Eric Phillips says.

"Emirates can confirm that about 10 passengers on #EK203 from Dubai to NY were taken ill", said the Emirates statement.

Some sick passengers were taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center with non-life-threatening conditions, according to a New York City fire department spokesman.

Vanessa Coleman