People are taking the mick out of Donald Trump's Space Force

In a speech Thursday, the vice-president, Mike Pence, outlined plans to create Space Force, billed as a brand new branch of the U.S. military dedicated to fighting wars in space.

According to sources familiar with the earlier draft of the report, the White House wanted the Pentagon to state more explicitly its intent to create a separate military service for space.

The US has outlined plans to "prepare for the next battlefield" by creating a new "Space Force" to counter the threat of China and Russian Federation.

Critics argue that Trump's Space Force would be stepping on the toes of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, which now oversees the nation's military operations in space. In June, he made a speech calling for the new branch to be created, despite resistance from the Air Force.

Pence's Pentagon trip coincides with the release of a Department of Defense report to Congress on recommendations for the Space Force.

To sum up, the Space Force is officially the sixth branch of military service.

'It is becoming a contested war fighting domain and we have to adapt to that reality, ' Mattis said.

What would the U.S. Space Force do? Nobody in the Pentagon believes creating a Space Force makes sense. Even Defense Secretary James Mattis, who was appointed by Trump himself, is reportedly opposed to the notion. Rather, the aim is to maximize the expertise of Earth-based personnel to defend America's space assets - such as spy satellites and military communications networks - from attack. On Thursday, Pence said that the administration will work with Congress on the plan, and will outline a budget next year.

Vice President Mike Pence warned that for many years, USA adversaries have pursued weapons to disable communication satellites and bring new weapons of war into space. As a first step, Pence today announced a Space Command that oversees satellites across the military.

"Initially the Department will recommend that the Air Force Space Command commander be dual-hatted as commander of the unified command", the report said.

"President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE - a groundbreaking endeavor for the future of America and the final frontier", campaign manager Brad Parscale wrote Thursday in an email, the Washington Examiner reported. In May, Trump was instructed to set up a space force that would be independent of the aviation force.

But he, too, isn't convinced that a Space Force is the answer. That would be somewhat freaky for US military structure, with some noting it would be akin to having a US Army Command, which functions as a command of operational forces, and a US Army.

Over on Twitter, where the mere idea of a "Space Force" was widely mocked, people couldn't help but offer logo concepts they felt were more appropriate.

Finally, the Pentagon would also establish a US Space Command to be led by a four-star general or flag officer, he said. Democratic Senator Bill Nelson says the Space Force will "rip the Air Force apart", while Senator Bernie Sanders said the government should use its resources to guarantee healthcare instead of "spending billions to militarize outer space".

Vanessa Coleman