Pentagon requests $74B budget increase for 2019

The budget plan puts an emphasis on missile defense, with additions to systems that have been identified as key to countering the threat posed by North Korea's nuclear missile program.

For military spending, the Pentagon would receive $686 billion, with $617 billion allocated to the Base Budget, and another $69 billion going to the Pentagon's Overseas Contingency Operations, or OCO, which funds wars and overseas operations.

The budget blueprint, combined with a defense boost that Congress approved last week, would increase Pentagon accounts for weapons, troops, training and for nuclear arms programs run by the Energy Department by more than $74 billion, a 10 percent increase over current spending levels. "I can not overstate the negative impact to our troops and families' morale from all this budget uncertainty", Defense Secretary Mattis asserted hours before the US House and Senate approved the enormous spending outlay, cited by

'One of the other things I think so important to mention is that, in the budget, we took care of the military like it's never been taken care of before", Trump said, In fact, General Mattis called me; he goes, "Wow, I can't believe I got everything we wanted.' I said, "That's right, but we want no excuses'". "It also allows us to add units related to reinforcing the National Defense Strategy".

China "seeks Indo-Pacific regional hegemony in the near-term", the document says, but in the long term seeks to "achieve global preeminence" over the US. "It's already couched inside the defense strategy".

Trump had requested a 2018 military budget of $603 billion for basic functions and $65 billion for war missions.

The document says "Russia has violated the borders of nearby nations and pursues veto power over the economic, diplomatic, and security decisions of its neighbors".

"Overall, our country's fiscal situation is a mess", O'Hanlon said.

Pentagon chief Jim Mattis has warned of a new "Great Power" competition with Russian Federation and China and wants to increase the size of the military, introduce new ships and weapons, and improve readiness - all while operating across multiple theaters in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. But upon raising spending caps to the Pentagon's desired levels, the White House shifted $20 billion from the OCO request to the base request.

Officials said pay and benefits for uniformed personnel make up about a third of the Pentagon's budget and amount to the single largest expense category for the department.

The increase in funding also addresses Defense Secretary James Mattis' continued alarm over the degradation of the armed forces under the threat of sequestration, something the Defense Department as a whole has been warning about for years.

"This budget gives the military pretty much everything it wanted - readiness for today, new weapons for tomorrow", Thompson said. The budget request asks for 43,594 Joint Direct Attack Munitions at a cost of $1.2 billion and another $1.2 billion for 9,733 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems used by the Army and Marine Corps.

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The 2.6 percent pay increase proposal is aimed at ensuring the military "remains appropriately positioned to compete with the private-sector marketplace for new recruits and to retain a well-trained and quality force", the department said.

The Pentagon's budget request earmarks $US10.7 billion for the purchase of 77 F-35 fighter jets made by Lockheed Martin Co as well as $US2 billion to purchase 24 Boeing Co F-18 Super Hornets.

The budget furthers the USA goal of a stable and secure South Asia by supporting the Afghan government and security forces in their fight against the Taliban insurgents and militant organisations such as al Qaeda and Islamic State.

Vanessa Coleman