Pennsylvania State Police corporal shot during traffic stop, suspect arrested

State police say the corporal and another trooper were placing the suspect under arrest, when he began to violently resist and went for his gun.

A Pennsylvania state trooper was shot Tuesday morning during a traffic stop in Northampton County, according to reports. The corporal was outside his vehicle when he traded gunfire with the suspect, police said. The suspect fled in the Pontiac, police said. "We remain grateful to the multitude of first responders and medical professionals who have provided care, and to all Pennsylvanians for their continued support".

Officials said the state police corporal was shot three times and critically injured.

Dispatchers reportedly said a blue vehicle with its windows shot out was found near the hospital and a suspect may have entered the hospital with a gunshot wound. Police are converging on Easton Hospital, where the auto involved in the traffic stop showed up shortly after the incident, scanner reports say.

"Frances and I are praying for this trooper, the family and every member of the Pennsylvania State Police". We must never forget that.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey also tweeted his support.

Eyewitness News Reporter Brianna Strunk and Photojournalist Tom Gregory are heading to the scene.and will have more on this developing story on future editions of Eyewitness News.

Vanessa Coleman