Pelosi confident of her caucus' support

Republican ads in Georgia called out minority leader Nancy Pelosi as a rich San Francisco liberal, out of touch with the needs of middle America. It was the last straw for some Democrats.

"The Democratic Party needs new leadership now", Cunningham tweeted.

The Congressional Leadership fund raised $6.2 million alone for Handel - about a third of the $18 million Handel's campaign raised from outside political groups.

Several Democratic lawmakers have said Pelosi's position as a prominent face of the Democratic Party will continue to make winning elections hard.

The Georgia victory was an important win for the Republican party, following Mr Ossoff's better-than-expected performance in the first-round election last month, but has left Democrats frustrated after a record-breaking funding drive failed to generate a win.

Republicans have some breathing room after Karen Handel won a nationally watched congressional election in Georgia to avoid a major upset ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

BENNETT: Pelosi still has broad support among House Democrats.

The next two special elections are in August, one is to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions' old Senate seat in Alabama.

But Pelosi continues to command great loyalty from many in the House, and she insisted her position was not in jeopardy.

While there are plenty of news reports highlighting how many people are calling for the House Minority Leader to step aside, few are also reporting that California's 12th District has another option. Nothing. Actually no, they got worse than nothing - they gave bragging rights to Donald Trump, a man who is searching for his footing in Congress. That's why Nancy Pelosi and her allies are pouring millions into his campaign.

Congressional Democrats have accused Republicans of shutting them out of the debate over issues such as healthcare and taxes.

"He's talking about a single-payer, and that's not going to happen". "What I am trying to do is to move us in a direction where we have the conversation that is so necessary". Pelosi questioned, according to the Hill. And everybody knows where I stand on this.

Michigan's Rep. John Conyers' Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, has 112 co-sponsors in the House, but Pelosi is not among those co-sponsors.

"It was a reach then and I think it will still be a reach in 2018", said one Democratic operative following the race.

President Donald Trump's much-prophesied destruction of the Republican Party has yet to come to pass and, for now at least, appears to be mainly wishful thinking on the part of progressives and their many pals in the national media.

Vanessa Coleman