Patty Jenkins Still Not Signed On For Wonder Woman Sequel

"Wonder Woman", starring Gal Gadot, has smashed global box-office records for a woman-directed and woman-superhero film. More on the story below.

' "Wonder Woman, ' she said, "is for everybody".

Sources say Warner Bros. will soon begin negotiations with Jenkins, who will have major leverage thanks to the movie's historic opening weekend.

After Wonder Woman had a huge opening weekend at the box office and shattered records, it was full steam ahead on all the chatter about a sequel. The Atom Tickets cross promotion offered $4 tickets to T-Mobile customers to see Wonder Woman during its opening weekend. Patty Jenkins was no different since her only previous film experience was directing the much smaller budgeted drama Monster.

Although Patty admits she feels no obligation to return to the franchise as the director for the sequel, she admits "Wonder Woman 2" will be "its own great movie", and she would love to be involved in the "beautiful story". She continues to remind us all of just how incredible the film's weekend accomplishments were.

Most importantly, the Wonder Woman sequel will chart at least some of the time between the first movie and Diana's present day activities alongside Batman, Superman, and the Justice League. In fact, "Wonder Woman" arguably just revived the genre for

We're not saying DC's films so far haven't gotten their characters right, we're saying Wonder Woman left little room for argument, presenting a definitive version of the character. While Gadot was pregnant during part of the main taping, she had to come back to do reshoots for the movie last November.

Below you'll find 5 of the bad guys I believe are most likely to feature in Wonder Woman 2. A minuscule -8% drop (but, technically, +29 million from Friday if you take away the Thursday preview screenings coin).

Vanessa Coleman