Panthers fan sucker punches old Eagles fan, runs away

During the second half of last night's game, a Panthers fan was sucker punched in the face and left bloody. but it wasn't an Eagles fan who did the damage.

As the second quarter of Thursday Night Football was nearing a close, Kuechly was rushing off the edge when he took a shot to the shoulder from an Eagles offensive lineman. David Mayo took over for him in the middle and would continue to do so if Kuechly can't go next week.

Kuechly was blitzing around the edge on a play within the ten-yard line, where he attempted to bend around Philadelphia guard Brandon Brooks. He's projected for 107.4 tackles, 3.7 pass defenses and 1.1 sacks over the rest of the 2017 season. However, he left to the sideline immediately, and from there, he was escorted to the locker room. After that injury, he was in concussion protocol for 34 days and missed three games before returning to action.

Kuechly also suffered a concussion in 2015.

Hicks, a third-year professional, has been a key cog for the Birds' defense, but he's struggled to stay healthy at times this season.

Vanessa Coleman