Palestinian Teen Shot by Israeli Sniper Fire in Gaza

All other details of the woman's killing remain the subject of an Israeli gag order.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers posted in watchtowers in Khan Younis city, also in southern Gaza, opened fire on Palestinian farmers on nearby farmlands; no injuries were reported. Most of the global community views the settlements as illegal.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid his respects to Ansbacher's family at their West Bank settlement home on Sunday.

The man will likely be returned to Gaza in the coming days, as are most Palestinians who attempt to flee the Strip.

Shalabi's mother wailed as mourners brought his body on a stretcher for a final farewell at their home in the Nusseirat refugee camp.

"He was everything attractive at home; his voice, his happiness fills the house".

Hassan Iyad Shalaby, 14, was shot dead by Israeli snipers at the fence separating Gaza from Israel. In the Issawiya neighborhood, in the central West Bank district of Jerusalem, another three were detained.

The Israeli forces used live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas to chase protesters away from the border fence. At least 295 Palestinians were killed and about 6,000 wounded during the 46 weeks of clashes.

So far, Palestinians living in the Netherlands were only able to list "Israel" or "unknown" as their their official birthplace, with the latter option only added in 2014 following protests from the Palestinians.

Israel accuses Hamas of exploiting the protests as a cover to carry out attacks against its soldiers.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), a Gaza-based rights group, condemned in a press statement the killing of the two teenagers. "Nor should they be exposed to any form of violence, by any party", UNICEF Middle East director Geert Cappelaere said in a statement.

Vanessa Coleman