Paige's WWE In-Ring Career is Over

She had only returned to WWE programming in November after neck surgery forced her off the roster for 17 months. She was examined by WWE medical personnel and a stretcher was brought to ringside to transport her back to the locker room. reports that Paige will likely be written off of television as an in-ring competitor shortly, and they add that she was likely given the news by WWE at a recent Raw. After falling victim to a sex tape leak and contemplating suicide because of it in early 2017, a new report claims the WWE star's career is over.

It was initially believed that Paige had suffered a stinger, but further testing reportedly found that it was worse than initially expected, per Johnson. Paige, who is only 25, was hoping to have 2018 be her comeback year after missing seventeen months following a neck injury suffered in June of 2016 that led to neck surgery and then another injury suffered late last year. She is well liked by management, so she should be kept on in some capacity behind the scenes. One would assume the company will devise a way to write her out of the Rumble match without any physicality, similar to how Daniel Bryan is not allowed to be involved in anything physical in his current role as Smackdown General Manager. She was signed to WWE's developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling back in 2011, became the first NXT Women's Champion in 2012 and won her first of two Divas Championships on her first night on Raw back in 2014.

The trio of Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and Paige were gaining traction as an ass-kicking trio of women who seemed hellbent on taking over the RAW Women's Division. If true, this would mean she is now "done" as an in-ring performer.

WWE have yet to release an official statement.

WWE superstar Paige has been pulled out of the upcoming women's Royal Rumble and told to retire immediately, according to reports.

Vanessa Coleman