Oscar strengthens into tropical storm; no threat to land

But Tropical Storm Oscar, earlier said to be a potential threat to Bermuda, had altered track and was no longer viewed as a danger. However, deadly hurricanes can form anytime during this season.

Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean usually starts from the month of June and lasts till November 30.

At this time, there is still only one area of interest in the Atlantic Basin. Storms become hurricanes at 74 miles per hour.

The system ended up becoming a category 1 hurricane three days later and eventually produced wild autumn weather, including some flooding, in Ireland and Wales, though it didn't directly affect any landmass. By Tuesday, the storm is expected to be speeding north-northeast over open waters.

"These storms can be troublesome for eastern Cuba, the Bahama, and Bermuda".

By the middle of the week, the storm is expected to accelerate quickly toward the northeast and will weaken to a tropical storm by Thursday night.

The system "is gradually becoming better defined and the associated shower and thunderstorm activity is showing signs of organization", the Miami-based Hurricane Center said in an 8 a.m. advisory.

Vanessa Coleman