Orbitera Acquired By Google For More Than $100M

Even though there are a number of other such service providers, the reason why Google made a decision to acquire Orbitera was that the firm offers a structured template for billing, packaging and optimization of pricing which is predictable and easier to use. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

In a bid to enhance its enterprise offering in the AWS-dominated cloud computing domain, Google announced today that it has acquired Orbitera, a company that develops and hosts tools for buying and selling cloud-based software. Orbitera was backed by only $2M in a seed funding it received a year ago from Resolute Ventures.

Orbitera has previously worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the company's CEO Marcin Kurc is a former AWS executive. The deal is reportedly north of $100M.

The company's platform enables independent software vendors, service providers and IT channel organisations to sell their software more flexibly, without being tied to expensive app stores. Its platform has already launched more than 60,000 enterprise stacks. We're providing customers with more choice and flexibility when it comes to running their cloud environment.

Google's announcement explicitly states that it's aiming to support businesses with multi-cloud deployments. While they both support multi-cloud deployments, their marketing is focused on getting customers to standardize on their own services.

"Google is aggressively building its enterprise credibility in the cloud, so perhaps they believe that this will allow them to build on the ecosystem side, which is always a great area to increase community engagement and adoption", he said. With its goal of offering its own cloud-based services and beating the competition, Google's acquisition of "Orbitera" is meant to increase its odds of remaining competitive.

Vanessa Coleman