Opposition parties lambast Sharif for stretching out his tenure

Pakistani policemen cordon off the main entrance of the Supreme Court during a hearing on the Panama Papers case in Islamabad on July 17, 2017 after the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) presented a final report of its investigation probing allegations of money laundering against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family.

Thousands of people wanted 'to be an eyewitness of this historic event in the country's top court on Monday morning with more than 1,200 security personnel were security personnel were deputed on security (both outside and inside of the court) where three judges heard this landmark case.

Khan presided over a meeting of senior party members at his Banigala residence, which held consultation over today's hearing of the Panama Leaks case in the Supreme Court.

The panel submitted a 254-page report after questioning several members of his family. His daughter, Maryam, who has been groomed as Mr Sharif's political heir, was... The font used to create the deed - Calibri - only became commercially available in 2007, after the deed was allegedly signed.

Sharif family's fourmember legal team, led by advocate Khwaja Haris, told the court that the six-member joint investigation team (JIT) report was biased, unfair and partial, and asked the bench to reject it.

Opening the arguments, PTI's counsel Naeem Bukhari said that the Sharif family could not prove its stance on the Gulf Steel Mills in UAE and payment of 12million Dirhams to Qatari family for business.

If the SC decides to implement the report, perhaps by next week, Sharif might either be removed or, at the very least, be rendered completely ineffectual.

Finance minister Ishaq Dar ordered an inquiry to investigate the depreciation of the rupee. "The so-called evidences gathered by the investigative team are based on "sourced reports" and don't have evidentiary value", he was quoted as saying.

The anger in both Sharif 's Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf parties add up to a volatile mix that can blow up when the Supreme Court announces its verdict on the Panama matter.

Nawaz Sharif's endeavours to challenge might of the powerful army over control of power; and a treason case against General Musharaf was also not acceptable.

Others, however, believe that the political upheaval is likely to continue, predicting instead a bitter legal battle ahead.

Minister of state for information Mariam Aurangzeb said the government would accept the decision of the court. So far it's not clear who would step up to take his position in the party, and PML-N officials haven't publicly indicated a clear successor.

The JIT report has also been accused of misusing its authority and proceeding beyond their original mandate. Nevertheless, Sharif will have a hard time convincing the public of an army-backed conspiracy, as he himself chose the current army and intelligence chiefs.

Vanessa Coleman