Omar, perhaps world's longest cat, finds internet fame

What's it take for a cat to grow so long it's in contention for a Guinness World Record?

The three-year-old Maine Coon from Melbourne, Australia weighs 14 kilograms (30 lbs) and at 120 centimetres (47 inches) long, could be the world's longest domestic cat. According to his owners, most of all he likes nothing more than to chill on a trampoline and eat raw kangaroo meat.

Since joining social media, Omar has racked up 18,000 followers, and a photo displaying his hefty size was shared over 270,000 times on the Cats of Instagram account.

"We thought he might be [the longest cat in the world] but we hadn't done anything about it because he might not be fully grown yet".

Ms Hirst said she'd expected Omar to reach only around 9kg in weight, but he surpassed that before his first birthday.

He apparently measures 120cm long - which would make him the world record holder for the longest cat on earth.

"All of our friends want to come over and see our cat", Hirst was quoted as saying to the BBC.

- An orange and white house cat is a possible record-breaker in the land down under.

Now, Hirst has submitted Omar for consideration of the record and it would typically take Guinness up to 12 weeks to response. "They say "is that Photoshopped?' or 'that can't be real" and then they see him in the flesh", she adds.

Miss Hirst said Omar is mischievous and is capable of opening doors, kitchen cupboards, shower screens and wardrobes. "I think he'll be glad to go back to being a normal housecat".

Vanessa Coleman