Olympic champ weightlifter Long makes ideal comeback

The men's 56kg category promised an uncompromising battle between Beijing 2008 Olympic Games gold medallist Long Qingquan and London 2012 Olympic and three-time world champion Om Yun Chol - and it delivered as Long claimed victory.

His total of 307kg this time took the world record from Mutlu and put China on the top of the podium for the first time in the Rio 2016 weightlifting tournament.

Long, second behind the Korean in the 2013 World Championships and third in the 2014 edition, finished the snatch lift section in the lead with an effort of 137kg, 3kg more than Om managed.

"I am really happy".

Sinphet became the first Thai male to win an Olympic weightlifting medal and the second weightlifter to win in Rio, joining Sopita Tanasan, who won gold in the women's 48kg on Saturday. The 30-year-old diver is the oldest Olympic gold medal victor in women's diving when she broke the record previous held by 28-year-old American diver Micki King which she won the gold in Munich 1972 in the synchronized 3M springboard. "I just did not win", Om said on SUnday.

"I didn't expect that Long could lift 170kg, because he never succeeded in practice this year", said Yu.

"From 2012 to 2016, it was quite tough for me because I did not make it to the Olympic Games in 2012, but I did not give up".

Long, who is also only 1.5 meters tall, added that a lot had changed in the eight years between his two Olympic golds.

"After four years I did it".

After he did it, Long leapt into the air and punched the sky before hugging his coach as the noisy crowd roared in appreciation of the gold medalist.

Vanessa Coleman