Offshore drilling threatens important ME industries

Nelson's letter followed the mid-week announcement from Zinke that Florida was removed from the plan from President Donald Trump to open almost all of the usa territorial waters to drilling in a five-year plan set to begin in2019.

A second coastal governor, South Carolina's Henry McMaster, has now said he also is seeking continued protection against offshore drilling for his state.

Florida Governor Rick Scott and U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announce there will be no new offshore drilling in Florida.

A spokeswoman for Zinke says such criticism is "empty pandering" and has invited governors to seek a meeting with the secretary.

The Trump administration wants to open up the entire continental shelf on both coasts and the Gulf of Mexico to offshore oil drilling.

"For someone to suggest that they're protecting Florida coast when they've done nothing to move away from unsafe fossil fuels - which is creating climate impacts like sea level rise, which threaten our coasts", Glckman said.

"Virginia's governor (and governor-elect) have made this same request, but we have not received the same commitment. If those governors would like to request meetings with the secretary, they are absolutely welcome to do so", she said.

In a Wednesday interview with The Washington Post, Zinke said he first met Scott when his state and the federal government were preparing for Hurricane Irma, then a second time when the two worked on Everglades restoration. Bill Nelson (D), Mr. Scott's likely opponent in November, immediately accused the Trump administration of orchestrating these announcements to boost the Republican in a key 2018 race. The statement said Zinke intends to meet or talk with any governor who submits a request.

From Oregon to SC, governors and other leaders are publicly noting that Florida does not have a monopoly on picturesque coasts, tourist economies or local opposition to offshore drilling.

Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman, whose beachside town was ravaged by storms past year, joined the chorus of local officials who urged Deal to appeal to Trump's White House for an exemption.

And Tuesday, Virginia Beach Rep. Scott Taylor (R) also joined the offshore drilling resistance, saying "every locality" in his district has opposed it, as has the U.S. Navy.

Scott is term-limited this year, and is widely expected to run against Sen.

"Offshore drilling decisions in the United States are, by law, supposed to be guided by science, public input, and a careful balancing of environmental and energy needs", Lee-Ashley told Reuters. But the decision to do so will be neither durable nor fair if it comes by selectively ignoring the complaints of states in which the president does not identify a political or personal interest. Nelson said in a statement Wednesday.

Gov. Brown and Attorney General Xavier Becerra have fought almost every single major Trump administration policy, and have held out California's liberal policies as an alternative model for America to follow.

"I have been, and remain opposed to oil drilling off the New Jersey coast because of the potential threat to the environment and the Jersey Shore's tourism and fishing industries", MacArthur said.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage and Alaska Gov. Bill Walker are the only coastal state governors who support the expansion of offshore drilling, with numerous rest seeking exemptions in the wake of the Florida decision. Took to Twitter, asking whether there are different rules for blue states like California.

Vanessa Coleman