Offset shares footage of Cardi B in delivery room

At long last, Offset's oft-delayed debut solo studio album is finally around the corner.

During Sunday's Grammys, the Migos rapper posted a trailer for the long-awaited project.

To keep it fair, the 45-second clip is pretty tasteful.

"I'm not just saying thank you because she's my daughter". Inexplicably, the instrumental gets louder as her screams grow in intensity, all the while the doctors tell her to push harder.

The documentary and album will be released on February 22. "That's nearly like bubblegum rap now, how the people are accepting it".

There's just a lot of feelings I have about these photos, and this meeting, and everything about this which I shall sum up in two adequate gifs.

Cardi was visibly emotional as she took to the stage and she joked: "Ooh the nerves are so bad". Cardi shared onstage, adding with a laugh, "Maybe I need to smart smoking weed".

She also took to her platform again, saying that she was not actually trying to diss Cardi.

The "I Like It" hitmaker went on to pay tribute to her seven-month-old daughter and those who pushed her to complete the record during her pregnancy. "We love you", Cardi wrote, before tagging husband Offset, sister Hennessy Carolina and Hennessy's girlfriend.

She spoke about her album not being finished when she found out she was pregnant and filming a music video before she started showing.

I can not prepare you for how beautifully endearing all of this is, so just take five and really let the whole thing wash over you.

"Trash" was not the only message sent by the "7 Ringz" singer, she followed it with individual tweets that read "fuck.", "bullshit", and "literal bullshit".

Vanessa Coleman