OC4: First Oculus Go Games And Apps Confirmed

Known as Oculus Dash, the setup has been created to be a VR monitor, enabling you to check Facebook, watch fail videos on YouTube and even code, all from the infinite screen space of VR. The company didn't talk potential prices, but we suspect Santa Cruz will be more expensive than the $199 standalone Oculus Go, especially if it comes packaged with a pair of motion controllers. According to the announcement, Oculus for Business is something that can benefit a wide range of businesses, and irrespective of the size of a business, as Oculus will sell these bundles on a per unit basis, as well as in bulk for those who want a much wider VR integration solution for a wider network of locations.

Oculus Go simultaneously solves both the price and complexity issue.

Like most kinds of consumer electronics, VR is going through a phase of cord-cutting, and in the not-too-distant future we might be able to do away with the tripping hazard of the cable that tends to wrap itself around your legs while using a Rift or Vive. Featuring Bogo, a character that appears very similar to some of the aliens that appear in Oculus Rift launch title Farlands, the player can interact with the creature by offering fruit, stroking its head and playing fetch with a stick.

The Santa Cruz project evolved from last year's version which was simply just a headset. Similarly, the motion trackers in Oculus Go will probably be fewer and less precise than what you can get in an Oculus Rift.

As explained during the Oculus Connect keynote today, Go will be "binary compatible" with Gear VR, Oculus and Samsung's mobile VR headset. The headset alone cost $600 when it went on sale past year. The price on Rift continues to drop because Oculus is achieving efficiencies on the components side and, maybe, because they've also reached enough scale to spread out costs. The visual experience could also be quite good because Oculus gets to integrate the screen. His visions carry weight, largely because Facebook now has more than 2 billion users and plays an influential role in how people communicate.

Not content with just playing at the top end of the market, Oculus has announced Oculus Go: a lower spec, low-end version of VR. "Some people say VR is isolating and antisocial, I actually think it's the opposite".

Vanessa Coleman