Obama, Clinton, voted for border barrier in 2006 - John Kelly

White House chief of staff John Kelly, making a rare appearance before reporters Thursday, rejected reports that he would soon be departing the White House.

Trump has confided to friends that he has felt constrained by some of Kelly's moves to limit access to him and some administration officials have privately chafed at the restrictions as well, sources familiar with the internal dynamics of the White House have said.

"A state that has developed a pretty good ICBM (missile) capability and is developing a pretty good nuclear re-entry vehicle, I would believe ... that that state simply can not have the ability to reach the homeland", Kelly said.

"[Gen. Kelly] puts to rest an very bad lot of these rumors and this conjecture and these plain out fictions that we see every single day", she said on "The Intelligence Report".

Kelly, said, "We need to secure our borders, and that includes maritime and ports".

"I'm not quitting, I'm not getting fired, and I don't think they'll fire anyone tomorrow".

Later on Thursday, announcing his nomination of Kirstjen Nielsen for homeland security secretary in the east room, Trump lavished praise on Kelly and asked him to stand.

"One of his frustrations is you. Not all of you, but many of you".

"When I watch TV in the morning, it is astounding to me how much is misreported", Kelly told the reporters in the White House briefing room.

Kelly accepted the job as White House chief of staff in late July, replacing Reince Priebus, who stepped down amid a particularly turbulent period inside Trump's White House. "Some person that works way down inside an office, or - well, just develop some better sources", he said.

Kelly also fielded questions about two of Trump's recent targets in Congress, Sen.

The chief of staff also said the North Korean nuclear and missile threat is "manageable" for now but the isolated nation can not be allowed to develop the ability to strike the USA homeland.

Trump on Wednesday conceded differences on North Korea with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who advocates keeping open the possibility of negotiations with Kim's authoritarian government. The best job I've ever had, as I've said many times, is when I was an enlisted marine sergeant infantryman. The chief of staff did so with a smile and a salute.

Vanessa Coleman