NY indicts Manafort minutes after he’s sentenced to prison

The charges unsealed in NY on Wednesday spelled more legal trouble for Manafort.

The Times notes that prosecutors had previously chose to move forward with this case regardless of whether Trump pardoned Manafort, and the paper predicts that Manafort's lawyers will argue it would count as double jeopardy to try him again in state court for the same crimes he was tried and convicted of in federal court.

The indictment Wednesday came just moments after Manafort was sentenced in Washington, D.C.to more than 3 1/2 additional years in prison, in the second of two federal cases against him.

Manafort, 69, was sentenced in Virginia to almost four years in prison for one of his two federal cases. He is expected to get credit for the nine months of jail time he's done already.

US District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson told Manafort that, despite his apologies to the courtroom, his lawyers' arguments about the absence of any charges directly linked to collusion in the 2016 election were "just one more thing that's inconsistent with the notion of any genuine acceptance of responsibility".

President Donald Trump is falsely asserting that the latest trial of his former campaign chairman proved there was no collusion with Russian Federation.

Manafort's lawyers have noted that the charges that are sending him to prison are related to his work as an worldwide political consultant and lobbyist, not his time with the Trump campaign.

"This case has taken everything from me already - my properties, my cash, my life insurance, trust accounts for my children and grandchildren, and even more", Manafort said.

His first sentencing, before federal Judge T.S. Ellis in the Eastern District of Virginia, concluded last Thursday with a term of 47 months. "I think it's a very sad situation".

Manafort, who was in a wheelchair because of gout, pleaded to the judge not to sentence him to more time in prison. She needs me. I need her. "I ask you to think of this and our need for each other as you deliberate", he said.

Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann said Manafort had engaged in an extensive cover-up that deceived the USA government and the American public, and continued to try to undermine the investigation even after he pleaded guilty.

Prosecutor Andrew Weissman tore into Manafort, saying the defendant had concealed his foreign lobbying work from the government, laundered millions of dollars to fund a life of luxury and coached witnesses to lie on his behalf. He has not learned a harsh lesson. "It is not a reflection of remorse", Weissmann said. "It is evidence that something is wrong with sort of a moral compass".

Defense lawyer Kevin Downing suggested Manafort was being unduly punished because of a "media frenzy" generated by the appointment of a special counsel. Jackson's sentence, however, should put an end to those criticisms as it also departs sharply from federal sentencing guidelines. He reminded the judge that he will turn 70 in a few weeks.

The breadth of Manafort's criminal activity - and his own written agreement with prosecutors - led to a recommended sentence double that amount.

Mueller is preparing to submit to US Attorney General William Barr a report on his investigation into whether Trump's campaign conspired with Russian Federation and whether Trump has unlawfully sought to obstruct the probe.

Vanessa Coleman