No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Officially Announced

Of all the games Nintendo unveiled during the Nindies Summer Showcase on Wednesday, none received quite as much attention as Travis Strikes Again, a new game set in the No More Heroes universe. It was easily the biggest talking point of the first Nindies Direct back in February, and will finally be launching on the Switch on September 21st. The most notable titles include State of Mind, SteamWorld Dig 2, Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom, and Yoku's Island Express.

There are surely many other titles which the video presents. It began today at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET, and 6 pm BST; it lasted for around an hour.

Nintendo said that the holidays have been taken into consideration when they laid out the production plans for the best-selling Switch.

Along with it, Nintendo will celebrate the announcement at PAX West this weekend. The event will be live streamed here.

The sequel to the insanely hard platforming game Super Meat Boy, Super Meat Boy Forever has you chasing down the evil Dr. Fetus through buzzsaw-filled levels to save your newborn child, Nugget. A sequel to the incredibly popular Super Meat Boy is coming too, with Super Meat Boy Forever promising more stages, increasing difficulties and more playable characters who aren't cubes of meat. After engaging in a fight with Travis, the two of them get sucked into the phantom game console, Death Drive Mk. 2. When you think about it, the Nintendo Switch is really the first gaming device to offer a mobile gaming option that is largely free of compromise.

Travis Strikes Again is an indie game made by Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio of the famous game designer Suda51. Of course, he has to avoid to be killed.

Although Suda didn't suggest that the game would be called Travis Strikes Again, the phrase appeared on his Twitter account several times in the months that followed - suggesting it was more than just a catchy phrase.

Vanessa Coleman