No Man's Sky's Story Overhaul Gives The Game Focus

If you're looking for simple visual confirmation that a game, which at launch was a little squiggly when eyeballing anything up close, has completely changed its colors, the update's teaser screens more than suffice.

No Man's Sky Update 1.3 is now officially live, but it has more than their tease earlier this week lead on.

Entitled Atlas Rises, the update introduces monumental changes and improvements to numerous game's systems, including 30 hours of entirely new story content, new missions, and a barebones form of online multiplayer.

"Joint exploration" as it's being called, will allow up to 16 other players to enter a game, however they won't be as visible as you'd expect, rather they'll be floating orbs in amongst the universe. With all the new features, however, the biggest aspect of this update is likely the additions to No Man's Sky's story mode. There have been some reports of FPS performance issues with this update so watch out for those when you fire it up.

One of the biggest issues many had with No Man's Sky on release was the lack of multiplayer/co-op, particularly since we were told before release that players would be able to encounter each other in-game. An Xbox One release hasn't been ruled out, but there's no word on when-or if-it will ever come to that console. The 30 hours of story alone may be exactly what players want, but when the universe around that story ties into the lore and themes of No Man's Sky as well the whole experience is all the richer.

While the details regarding it are still surrounded in mystery, some users have managed to discover other players online leading to a curious test to see if they are able to interact with each other. VOIP (Voice over IP) allows for voice chat with nearby people.

We have seen several improvements to No Man's Sky, with updates coming at a relatively steady frequency. At the time, the prospect of discovering planets and flying my own little ship around a near-infinite galaxy excited me, and I played beginning of the game in awe of its vast scale.

New trade goods have been added. At launch, I'd often ditch my ship in favour of walking; now, using my ship to go to far away landmarks is much more feasible. A planet's terrain cannot be modified to affect a player near you either, though it's unclear if this also translates to the new terrain deformer tool. "I repeat, it will NOT lead to a beta version of No Man's Sky".

Vanessa Coleman