No-deal Brexit 'could cost 600,000 jobs worldwide'

In the event of Brexit without the agreement of the trade agreement will become effective March 30.

The impasse risks a chaotic "no deal" departure for Britain. We've now got a response from the prime minister.

"The government will commit that if the meaningful vote, in other words the deal coming back, has not happened by the 27th of February, then we would allow a further motion - votable in Parliament - to take place, to give that sense of assurance as to the process moving forward", he told the BBC's "Andrew Marr Show".

While US banks want Britain to maintain the closest possible ties with the European Union after Brexit, UK banks and insurers are anxious they do not become beholden to new laws made by Brussels, two of the people said.

Stephen O'Flaherty, Chair ACCA Ireland, said Ireland found itself in the eye of an worldwide storm with Brexit and the European Union must maintain support for the Irish economy.

But a study published early a year ago by research firm Cambridge Econometrics estimated that a total of 500,000 British jobs would be at risk if there is no deal.

The domestic political battles over what should happen next are as much being fought out within the Conservative and Labour parties, which are deeply fractured, as across the formal political divide. "The party system provides the foundation for parliamentary democracy; now it's broken, our unstable hung parliament in Westminster is wobbling more and more", according to Sky News journalist Adam Boulton.

It comes after Theresa May was warned that up to 40 ministers could resign if they were not given a vote against a no-deal Brexit.

She appeared to rule out that possibility, arguing it would diminish the country's ability to strike trade deals. But they are opposed by Brexiters in the Cabinet, who are muttering about resigning too. Switzerland is not a member of the European Union but is part of its single market. It would also prevent Britain negotiating bilateral trade deals with non-EU countries. If Britain leaves the European Union without a trade deal, that would mean a 10 percent import duty on cars and auto parts.

Corbyn's proposal has infuriated many of his own lawmakers, the majority of whom are Remainers.

Meanwhile, the British parliament is preparing for a Brexit debate on Thursday in which amendments to May's deal are expected to be tabled.

Labour's Brexit policy chief Keir Starmer told the Sunday Times newspaper that his party would seek to use the debate in parliament this week to prevent May from waiting until the last minute to come back with a deal, and compel her to present a fresh accord for lawmakers to consider before February 26.

But he insists the legally-binding divorce agreement between them can't be renegotiated.

Vanessa Coleman