No Alabama players involved in NFL protests during national anthem on Sunday

Jerome Majeski, Mike Boncheck, Ted Yagiello, John Magda and other members of the Polish American Veterans Club in Plains Township staged a protest of NFL players kneeling for the national anthem by boycotting the games on TV on Sunday. Even players who have knelt in the past chose not to do so while the league honored men and women who have served in the military as part of its "Salute to Service" campaign.

As "The Star Spangled Banner" played at Levi Stadium over Veterans Day weekend, Eric Reid and Marquise Goodwin knelt on the San Francisco side. Additionally, various bars and pubs, such as Woody's Roadside Tavern in New Jersey and Halligan's Public House in NY, refused to show the league's games on their televisions over Veterans Day weekend.

NFL players have been protesting the national anthem all season.

A number of National Football League fans planned to protest watching Sunday's game, with Facebook page Boycott the National Football League calling on followers to skip watching "in solidarity with veterans around the country".

It initially started as a way to bring light to social injustices against African-Americans but has been spun by opposition as though the players do not respect veterans. In a pregame protest of racial oppression and inequality in the United States, Kaepernick sat during the national anthem before a 2016 preseason game, then knelt during the anthem throughout the season. According to Fox News, not a single player knelt during the national anthem.

Veterans all across the country are up in arms, saying it disrespects our country.

This disapproval came to a climax over Veterans Day weekend with calls for a boycott of the NFL.

But the newspaper speculated that National Football League players may forgo their protests this weekend because of Veterans Day. Titans receiver Rishard Matthews walked onto the field holding hands with soldiers and stood with teammates for the anthem for the first time since President Donald Trump criticized players for protesting.

Bennett in particular wanted to show that his participation in the protest was not about the military. No Rams players kneeled before the game against the Texans.

Vanessa Coleman