Nintendo will erase cloud saves once Switch Online subscription ends

Nintendo Switch's online subscription service which launches later this month includes a couple of free NES games every month to try out, but you're going to need to connect you Switch to the internet at least once a week to play them.

Last night, Nintendo announced that it would be selling NES and Famicom controllers for the Switch, which explains why those controller icons were included in the firmware. Nintendo's online service, opening from 19 Sept, will cost £3.49 / $3.99 for one month or £17.99 / $19.99 for 12 months. Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online also uses the Save Data Cloud, so the same applies.

Nintendo is bringing cloud saves to the Switch as part of its online subscription service, and while the news was initially welcomed by fans, it looks like there's a pretty big catch. Additionally, those interested in these joypads will have to fork out $59.99 for the pair of and they are available for pre-order from 18 Sept, direct from Nintendo. More offers will be added regularly, although the company hasn't shared any other details about the perk beyond that; during its latest Direct presentation, Nintendo said that it would reveal more information about special offers "in the future". Around two weeks ago, at the end of August, Switch hackers managed to datamine Switch Firmware 6.0 a few weeks ahead of its release. We don't know anything about it yet, but Nintendo says it'll be here next year.

Vanessa Coleman