Nintendo Trademarks New Game Boy Classic Mini Edition

However, it could also mean Nintendo might try to release a new device in its classic series, which could be called The Game Boy Classic Edition.

They are doing a good job at it as well. We would not be surprised if Nintendo gave birth to a Game Boy Classic Edition, and not just because it would be a logical release given its recent success with retro gaming.

Normally, the SNES Classic has a set default of 21 games, including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2, with set menus and backgrounds. The company is working towards getting more consoles in the market as soon as possible.

Despite Nintendo asserting it would produce and ship far more stock of the Super NES Classic Edition/Mini Super Famicom than it did predecessor NES Classic Edition/Mini NES, the miniaturized early-90s console still sold out at most stores within hours of launching. The Twitter account specializes in tracking Japanese trademark applications. However, it is interesting to see the older version of the Game Boy.

There is no text to suggest that Nintendo is thinking about developing a Game Boy Classic. The portable game-playing gadget got an upgrade nearly 10 years later with the release of the Game Boy Color, which was released in 1998. This summer, Nintendo reportedly filed graphical trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, which included an image of the N64 controller. Though its games would arguably be easier to emulate than those of the Nintendo 64, it'd be hard to create a miniature Game Boy that's affordable and true to the original and include a screen.

That last game stands out as the final interview, fitting for how late into console lives Kirby games tended to come along.

Vanessa Coleman