Nintendo NX release date 2016 setback as new games are revealed

After last week's not-so-shocking revelation that the pictures of what was supposedly the Nintendo NX controller were fake, I thought things would quiet down on this front until Nintendo made a formal and official announcement.

On Reddit, a user who claims that he is an AAA video game developer says that he is working with a full developer kit for the device and has been putting a lot of effort into an experience for about six months. Apparently, the Nintendo NX controller will have a rectangular screen instead of the oval screen seen in Nintendo's recent controller patents.

The developer also disclosed information about the NX itself. It does not have a form-shifting screen or a touch screen with haptic feedback.

IndieGamerChick has also talked about the Nintendo NX control options, stating that she doesn't know much about the console's inputs, other than the fact that there will be more than one option, so, it seems like the console might continue to support the Wiimote and Wiimote+ Nunchaku combination. However, what the fakes did get right is that the controller will have scroll wheel shoulder buttons. While the Nintendo NX might not even be called that by the time it comes out, you can bet that Nintendo is working on something that might radically change the way we game once again, much in the same way that the Wii shifted focus to active play back in the 2000s.

The Reddit thread explains that the controller is created to be more dedicated to offering a companion app experience to the title running on the main screen and will not be replacing the 3DS. For example, he has doubts that the Nintendo NX will be backward compatible with Wii U or 3DS software.

During that time, he promised that news about the specs and release date of Nintendo NX would be coming out of the woodwork by 2016. Stimpak_vendor compared its functionality to the VMU on the Dreamcast that allowed players to take their Sonic Adventure Chao with them on the road. Looking at Nintendo's history of naming game systems, it's honestly anyone's guess at this stage, but we probably won't know until E3. It's still the NX here internally.



Vanessa Coleman