Nintendo May Have to Halt Switch Sales

Nintendo is being sued (warning, auto-play video) by mobile gaming accessory company Gamevice, claiming the detachable controllers for the Switch infringes on a patent it owns. These patents were developed for the Wikipad but are also used for their more modern controller systems, which rely on two removable controllers that hold a phone or tablet as a "bridge section" in the middle.

The company that obtained the patent was Wikipad, Inc.

As part of the lawsuit (first spotted by Engadget), Gamevice is asking the court to stop Nintendo "making, using, selling, and offering for sale the Nintendo Switch".

The Gamevice (left) and the Nintendo Switch (right) share noteworthy similarities.

"Gamevice has filed for patent protections on its innovations, and now holds over 41 patents in 10 countries related to a range of gaming devices, controls and accessories", reads an excerpt from Gamevice's lawsuit submission.

The Nintendo Switch is available now. In an effort to try and cause as much damage as possible, the lawsuit calls for not just a cut of revenue, but a ban on Switch sales too.

In October previous year, Nintendo announced a new home gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.

This is an interesting lawsuit, as the Switch does somewhat resemble the Wikipad, both in form an function. Wikipad began with a grand vision for tablet gaming about half a decade ago. Gamevice has also released multiple standalone detachable controllers for a wide variety of mobile devices, including the iPhone 7, Galaxy S8, iPad and iPad Pro. The USP of the device, which succeeds Wii U, is that it can switch from being a handheld gaming device to a video game console that can be plugged with a TV.

Vanessa Coleman