Nikki Reed lashes back at critics over birth control comments

"But unbeknownst to poor Reed, she didn't realize that I was gonna go in her purse and take out her birth control and pop them (push out all the pills)".

When this news started circulating online, people didn't hold back in their responses.

"[He] threw out all my birth control pills", Nikki said in the interview.

He then elaborated in case you weren't sure how to feel about the whole thing: "What's so cool is that there's this video of me with this handful of these little pills and she's just [mimics panting and panicking]...panting".

According to Somerhalder, they both had decided that they wanted to have kids, but he decided that "it was just time" and without checking in with Reed to see if she felt the same way, took it upon himself to dispose of her birth control pills.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed, who had their first child, Bodhi Soleil, in July, recently revealed the disturbing way in which they chose to start a family. Nikki announced her pregnancy in May 2017 and gave birth to a baby girl, Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder, on July 25. "I wanted it to be peaceful, quiet, alone".

"'Unconsented" bulls- is you speaking on my behalf in a story admittedly taken out of context for the objective of stirring up drama WITHOUT my approval", Reed continued.

Not only did Somerhalder throw out the birth control, but he also took a six-minute video of Reed's reaction. "Don't talk about consent to me".

She added, "How dare you try to cast a dark shadow over one of the happiest, most memorable days of my life".

"Oh, and next time you try to stand up for women by writing an article 'about women's rights, ' try properly conveying the way I felt", concluded Reed. "You have a platform, write about things that matter by using truthful stories, not gossip". "We should be talking about these things, but using a amusing interview between married ppl &twisting it to perpetuate gossip is irresponsible".

Vanessa Coleman