Nicki Minaj has been hanging out by the Houses of Parliament

Shady. As. Hell! That's the only way to describe Nicki Minaj's video for her single "No Frauds".

The powerful trio of Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne banded together for Minaj's no-holds-barred takedown track "No Frauds", unsubtly aimed at fellow NY rapper Remy Ma.

Nicki let her petty flag blow proudly in the breeze with her new visuals for "No Frauds". For instance, if we listen to the lyrics closely, it seems like Minaj's musical response to Remy Ma's track "shETHER".

It looks like Nicki Minaj is claiming the throne as Queen of Rap.

Remy Ma affiliate Premadonna struck first by singling out Ali for appearing in Nicki's music video.

From what we have seen on the show, Ali and Remy were always best friends, but according to Ali they had a falling out behind the scenes.

One user tweeted: "Nicki Minaj thotting around Westminster Bridge.I dunno".

In fact, one fan replied to the singer telling her they would visit the spot just because she had been there. Nicki infamously accused Remy of using Rah Ali's plastic surgeon and threatened to release the proof (presumably provided by Rah?).

Rah also mentioned that Remy wasn't by her side during her own Love & Hip Hop drama, and doesn't believe in "aligning yourself with beef" on the strength of friendship.

Vanessa Coleman