New Zealand prime minister says shooting suspect was a licensed gun owner

Brenton Tarrant appeared in court on Saturday charged with murder over the attack.

At least 49 people have died, seven at Linwood Masjid Mosque and 41 at Masjid Al Noor Mosque.

A short distance away, 39 people were being treated in hospital for gunshot wounds and other injuries inflicted in the massacre. "And I'm getting sick and exhausted of that particular scenario playing itself out over and over again, where they keep silent when one of their people do something, but when... whenever they're able to gain a sort of political capital for themselves, all of a sudden they're chatty".

At first, Mr Taylor and his colleagues had no idea what was happening, initially believing the alarms, sirens and general panic sweeping through the New Zealand city were signs of another quake, similar to the 6.2-level seismic disaster that destroyed massive swathes of the city in 2011.

"At first, we hide behind the cars and you know under the vehicle, then when we see the the fighting [shooting] is still on we try to jump the fence".

At least 49 people were killed at two mosques full of worshipers attending Friday prayers in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The prime minister noted that it appeared the attacks appeared to have been well planned.

"Fijian hearts are breaking for our brothers and sisters in New Zealand - a place where an atrocity of this nature is shocking nearly beyond comprehension".

"People feel that it's just okay to just routinely attack and demonize Muslims simply because of 9/11 or just their own personal hatred, and it manifests into what we saw last night", he said.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/CBS) - The Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety says there will be increased patrols at local mosques in response to the shootings in New Zealand. He said he has contempt for the wealthiest one percent.

National Deputy Director of the Australian Institute of International Affairs Dr Bryce Wakefield said New Zealand's gun laws "were known for being particularly lax". "New Zealand is home for all of us, and this despicable act will not change that feeling of closeness in us".

He "travelled sporadically to New Zealand and stayed for varied amount of time", Ardern said, adding that he was not on the watch list in either New Zealand or Australia.

"The European Union will always stand with #NewZealand and against those who heinously want to destroy our societies and our way of life", he wrote.

"I was running and there was a guy [who] said there was a shooting in the mosque so I was running, while I was running there was a lady being shot", he said.

Wahb said that although such heinous attacks create fear in the Muslim community, they also provide an opportunity to educate.

"Our prayers are with the families of the deceased, the injured and all others impacted by this tragedy".

Queen Elizabeth II, who is New Zealand's head of state, said in a message to the country she was "deeply saddened by the appalling events in Christchurch" and sent condolences to families and friends of victims. Photo: Copyright 2018 The Associated Press.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called the shooting an "unprecendented attack of violence".

Meates said at a news conference at the Christchurch hospital that it's "hard to fathom the enormity of this act of terrorism".

"It makes people panic", Zhong said.

The Pacific Music Awards organisation in New Zealand also expressed its shock and solidarity over the shootings.

Gardee said there is heightened anxiety in the Muslim community.

Meanwhile, the final day of the Auckland secondary schools dance festival Polyfest was cancelled following the attacks.

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