New Microsoft Surface Laptop: Specs, Design and New Windows 10 OS

The systems are priced in the same general range as Microsoft's current Surface Pro 4 line. Microsoft has covered the backlit keyboard deck of the Surface Laptop in suede Alcantara fabric to emulate a posh look and feel. While this may seem similar to anything that Microsoft has done in the past, this time around it has a new operating system and the new Surface Laptop to boot.

Despite being a slightly confusing name to the general consumer, Windows 10 S will be a much slimmer version of Windows where everything that runs on the OS can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Essentially, the Surface Laptop is a Microsoft version of a Chromebook. Now, one of the most interesting features is the Alcantara®-covered keyboard and soft palm rest which is flawless for the long hours of writing and writing.

At Microsoft's press event in New York City, the company launched a new Surface product: the Surface Laptop.

"Performance wise, it includes a 7th generation Intel Core processor, and Microsoft claims the laptop packs up to four more hours of battery life than a 13" MacBook Pro, at up to 14.5 hours.

Will you buy the $999 Surface Laptop? The Surface Laptop is slated to start shipping by June 15. It is basically a lightweight edition of Windows 10 that will be limited to Windows Store. However, it's possible that Windows 10 S is simpler and lighter than regular Windows 10, making the amount of RAM more palatable.

This means that desktop apps, in order to be compatible to run on the latest Windows 10 version, will need to be specially packaged and listed in the Windows Store.

Microsoft has locked the default browser to Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 S, citing its increased security over Google Chrome and Firefox.

The new device represents Microsoft's first classic clamshell computer -previous versions were either a tablet or a hybrid tablet/notebook. Unlike the Surface Book, the display of the Surface Laptop is not detachable. This particular OS is only capable of running apps from the Windows Store, which will ensure that the apps are better suited to work with your machine.

The company has also made Office 365 free for students and teachers with school accreditation and offering them as a part of Microsoft's plan for the future of education.

Vanessa Coleman