New Google Nexus 7 (2016) United Kingdom release date, price and specification rumours

Latest reports suggest that the company will focus on various aspects like Android VR and Self-driving cars from Google. More recently, it announced that it would cooperate with Facebook in the market with Facebook emerging in the market by acquiring Oculus.

Presently, the speculations suggest that Google has dropped ASUS in order to make way for Huawei or HTC. The companies are now not working with each other in the smart auto sector.

The rumour mill was insane over the possibility of a new Nexus 7 tablet being announced at the Google I/O keynote event on 18 May 2016.

At the same event, we may see the launch of a new operating system Android N. Google Nexus 7 buyers will also get to experience this new OS. First of all, we all know that Android N is the upcoming generation of Android OS for mobile devices.

TechRadar surmises that Google will also launch two new phones this year, like what it did with the Nexus 5X and 6P flagships last year.

The official schedule of Google I/O 2016 has been revealed. It will come with performance improvements along with new and updated features.

Although the Google I/O conference is mainly geared towards programmers, Google usually takes advantage of the massive attention the conference pulls to make some big announcements.

A sneak peak of what the future holds for Android, Google's artificial intelligence pursuits, and virutal reality. This feature can both enjoyed on phones and tablets while a version will be offered too on Android TV, to be known as Picture in Picture. The bottom line is for increase productivity, which Google said applies across the board, benefitting both smartphone and tablet users. Tablet sales are down 14.7 percent YOY according to IDC, and no-one is expecting that to change any time soon - except maybe Google. The Google Nexus 7's price range will be between $229 and $269.

It is hard to predict the launch of Nexus phones because Google never releases like-for-like replacements annually.

Vanessa Coleman