New Ferrari 812 Superfast: Italian carmaker's finest?

Although Ferrari resisted the technology much longer than most manufacturers, the 812 Superfast will also be the first auto to come from Maranello, Italy with electric power steering. The news of a F12 replacement was brewing for some time now, and today, Ferrari finally took the wraps off it.

Ferrari got straight to the point with this one.

Ferrari hasn't yet given any pricing details on the 812 Superfast, but its predecessor starts at around $325,000. It's called the 812 Superfast, and it's hard to think of a more apt name.

Ferrari's latest and greatest front-mid-engine berlinetta builds on the sheer genius demonstrated in the F12 Tour de France that was offered starting in late 2015.

If you call a vehicle "superfast", it probably should be.

All of this is enough to catapult this GT from 0-62mph in just 2.9 seconds. Maximum power is achieved at 8,500rpm, though the maximum torque figure of 718Nm is recorded at 7,000rpm.

Succeeding the F12, the Italian sports auto maker says that the top speed of the flagship supercar is over 211mph.

It's an appropriate name really, as the 812 is very, very fast.

The latest iteration of Side Slip Control should allow drivers to creep closer to the edge (and slightly beyond it) without fear of a massive accident, and an evolution of the rear-wheel steering system debuted in the F12tdf has also been fitted. To a point, anyway.

Also new is the second generation of Virtual Short Wheelbase.

Helping keep the 812 Superfast stable at high speeds is the coupe's completely rethought aero that incorporates new active aerodynamic flaps under the body that increase downforce when needed and reduce drag when not. Once rumored to use a Formula 1-style hybrid setup, the new Ferrari 812 Superfast ditches modernity for history and uses a powerful naturally aspirated V-12. The specifics are now unknown, but we hope it avoids numbing the level of communication between the front wheels and steering wheel as Ferraris are rather good at that.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast has a dramatically updated exterior design. The 812 Superfast will arrive in "Rosso Settanta", celebrating the automaker's 70th anniversary, Ferrari said.

Inside, meanwhile, the cabin has been given a sportier look, with the seats, steering wheel and instrument clusters all new.

Vanessa Coleman