New FBI boss could be revealed next week

It's the latest attempt by the president to tamp down concerns about any Russian ties amid an ongoing investigation of his campaign's associates. Watch the insane preview of his Fox News interview! "I won't talk about that".

Comey's replacement, he said, "should be not a partisan politician, not part of either party". But I will say this: Shortly after Director Comey briefed us, I tweeted that he should be transparent.

Democrats and Republicans both agreed that Trump will have to turn over any recordings of his conversations with Comey to Congress, if such tapes exist.

The fact of the matter is that without any more information than we already have, we already know Trump's conduct is nearly as outrageous as what Nixon acknowledged in the smoking gun tape. Was he suggesting Comey had recordings?

She's one of almost a dozen candidates President Donald Trump is considering to succeed ousted FBI Director James Comey. Comey has not explicitly denied the account. It had nothing to do, officials said, with the FBI's investigation into Russian meddling - and perhaps collaboration with Trump's campaign - during the 2016 election.

On Friday, a person close to the former director recounted a different version.

The New York Times reported that the president asked Comey in January to pledge loyalty to him, which it said Comey refused to do.

It's an apparent reaction to press reports that Trump hosted a private dinner with Comey at the White House back in January at which Trump asked for his loyalty-according to USA media Comey promised only honesty.

The firing of Comey already has left Trump with the dubious distinction of being the first president since Nixon to dismiss a law enforcement official overseeing an investigation tied to the White House.

With the firing of Comey we'll never know. They also commented only condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations. He's viewed even senior advisers suspiciously, including Bannon and Priebus, when stories about internal White House drama land in the press.

"I would note that NY is a one-party consent state, and President Trump has always abided by the law", said Sam Nunberg, a former campaign aide.

It was not clear when Comey would speak for himself.

The face-to-face meeting between the president and the director raised other concerns.

Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said Sessions and Rosenstein are involved in the interviews because the Federal Bureau of Investigation director reports to them as attorney general and deputy attorney general.

Acting FBI director Andrew McCabe sidestepped a question during a Senate hearing on Thursday on whether he ever heard Comey tell Trump that the president was not the subject of investigation.

"Months ago, we called for a special counsel to conduct an unbiased investigation into the Trump-Russia affair", CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder said in a statement. Aides were also eager for Trump's first foreign trip, a high-stakes blitz through the Middle East and Europe.

Comey, who was sacked by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, was invited to speak before the committee in a closed session.

"The president has a chance to clean up the mess that he mostly created", Graham said, referring to the array of explanations offered up by Trump and his staff for Comey's firing.

"The challenge they have is that the president sometimes moves so rapidly that they don't get a team around that gets it organized", said Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker and Trump ally.

For a White House accustomed to bouts of chaos, Trump's handling of Comey's firing could have serious and long-lasting implications.

Trump is also reportedly considering tapping Judge Michael J. Garcia of the New York Court of Appeals, who previously served as assistant USA attorney in the Southern District of New York, and Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher, who used to work in the Justice Department's Criminal Division. It operates by removing executive-branch officials who have so abused power through what the framers called "high crimes and misdemeanors" that they can not be trusted to continue in office. He dismissed as less desirable at least two of the 14 candidates under consideration by Trump, former Rep. Mike Rogers of MI and Sen.

Vanessa Coleman