New 'Avatar' game in the works

Massive Entertainment partners with Fox Interactive and Lightstorm Entertainment to unveil an upcoming video game based on the acclaimed film. However we can look at the pedigree of lead developer Massive, which previously worked on games like The Division and Far Cry 3.

Four sequels to the Avatar movie are now in the pipleline, with the last of the new films not due to be released until 2023.

According The Verge, Ubisoft is set to develop a brand new game that's based on the aforementioned movie by James Cameron. The new game is being developed by Massive (the folks who brought us The Division), and is being developed using their Snowpoint engine (again, the same engine as The Division). Currently, the developers require a very big workforce to complete this overhauling Avatar video game. A youtube video indicates a potential release in 2018, but that's highly unlikely when designing well-made AAA titles.

For those of you that don't know Massive's most recent game was Tom Clancy's The Division, which, just last spring, broke numerous records in the gaming industry.

No real details about the game were released, except that it'll be coming to PC and consoles. It's a privilege to work with them and we're honoured that they've entrusted us to create an experience worthy of the Avatar name. We think. No word yet on what sort of game it will be outside of sharing thematic elements with the movies, but the safe money is on some sort of open world experience.

This won't the first time Ubisoft has attempted to translate Avatar into game form. It was released back on December 1, 2009 to mixed reviews.

Vanessa Coleman