Netflix adds smart download management for offline content

The upgrade automatically deletes downloaded episodes that been watched and replaces them with the next episode when you're connected to Wi-Fi, freeing up storage space on your device. After you watch that episode, Netflix will continue the trend. You can also turn it on and off from settings - tap the Menu icon and scroll down and select App Settings.

Building off the option to download content for offline viewing in 2016, Netflix is adding a new feature called Smart Downloads.

The Smart Downloads feature is available today for Android users and will be available on iOS later this year.

"Downloading is a very manual process today", Netflix director of product innovation Cameron Johnson told BuzzFeed News. However, that means you'll also have to keep in mind to manually delete the episodes you've watched once you're done with them.

Netflix just launched an update to the "Download" feature for mobile phone users.

Does Smart Downloads use more of my plans data? As the name implies, the app allows users to download a video locally on a device and can be watched later.

Netflix says the feature is mostly aimed at public transit commuters who may have limited or poor network coverage during their journey.

It's now only available for Android phones and tablets. This means it can automatically download the first episode of the next season once users have finished watching the season finale.

If you do use Netflix on a mobile or on Windows 10, you may know that you can download shows and movies - not all but some - to the device. It would have been more helpful if the next episode was downloaded while user was watching the previous episode.

Netflix isn't the only player that has been trying to improve the offline experience for users.

Vanessa Coleman