Net neutrality rule ends Monday

"By refusing to bring up the Senate-passed resolution to restore net neutrality, which passed the Senate by a powerful bipartisan vote, House Republican leaders gave a green light to the big ISPs to charge middle-class Americans, small business owners, schools, rural Americans, and communities of color more to use the internet", Schumer said. Per the net neutrality order, states can not enact any legislation that attempts to circumvent the repeal.

Any changes now, while the spotlight is on net neutrality, could lead to a public relations backlash. The agency hasn't yet filed any lawsuits, though.

The two events in Washington could lead to further consolidation of wireless, cable and content giants, public-interest advocates say.

Enacted in 2015, the rules sought to stop providers giving preferential treatment to sites and services that paid them to accelerate their data.

'They don't want to add fuel to the fire, ' Martin said. The net neutrality protections prohibited internet providers from favoring or blocking access to particular products or websites.

And how will repealing net neutrality affect me?

Beginning Monday, however, the USA government no longer explicitly prohibits those practices. This, according to Pai, "will allow consumers to make an informed decision about which Internet service provider is best for them". Violations of their promises - or behaviors that threaten competition or consumers - now fall under the watch of the Federal Trade Commission, not the telecom-focused FCC. Pai's children even faced harassment over the repeal.

Massachusetts Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, both Democrats, were among those who backed the measure to maintain net neutrality. Under the new guidelines, ISPs can block, throttle, or prioritize internet content as much as they like, as long as they clearly disclose to customers that that's what they're doing.

Customers of streaming services like Netflix could see their subscription fees rise if the company chooses to pay more.

Martin said broadband providers probably won't mess with existing services like Netflix, as that could alienate consumers. If you're a fan of Netflix, for example, net neutrality holds that you should be able to watch its shows without running into impediments your ISP puts up that are created to push you toward a competing service, such as Hulu.

Organizations that fought to preserve net neutrality say the battle isn't over. Frank Pallone, N.J., the top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said in an interview. This is how the term "net neutrality" was coined - the idea was that every bit is the same and that ISPs can't charge differentiated prices based on different types of services.

The net neutrality rules were approved in 2015. Now Comcast Cable president Dave Watson posted a blog post today to reconfirm Comcast's "committed to an open internet".

In California, lawmakers hope a proposal making its way through the legislature could force the U.S. Congress to settle the issue with a long-elusive federal standard.

Several states are rushing to pass new net neutrality laws to replace the FCC rules.

A coalition of pro net-neutrality organizations has named Monday, June 11, as "Neutrality Action Day", and they're encouraging members to spread their messages on social media and contact their local representatives in the House.

Vanessa Coleman