Nepal floods: Death toll touches 66, 35 missing

According to officials, hundreds of people are trapped in a resort in southern Nepal. The swollen Rapti and Budhirapti Rivers have inundated many hotels in the tourist destination.

The floods and landslides caused by torrential rains have killed at least 49 people across the country. However, the Nepal electricity authority has said that it will take over a week to replace the electricity facility in the affected areas.

Teams of soldiers and police officers were working together in the rescue and evacuation efforts, said Ram Krishna Subedi, a home ministry spokesman. Local government administrator Kazi Hasan Ahmed told AFP up to 700,000 people had been marooned by flood waters after rivers burst their banks following days of heavy rain.

At least 30 people have lost their lives and thousands displaced in different parts of Nepal as incessant rain that began on Friday continues on Sunday. "But we are more focused on rescuing those who are alive than collecting details about the dead", he said, indicating the death toll could go up. Tarai region is worst affected by the flood.

Meanwhile, Nepal's Energy Minister Mahendra Bahadur Sahi has claimed that the highways built along the no man's land on the Indian side of the border are the major reasons behind the floods in the Terai. However, their access to the affected areas were restricted due to the inundation of entire villages and blocked roads.

Officials said Monday they were still trying to determine the scale of the disaster, with casualties and damage reported in multiple locations across the Himalayan foothills of South Asia.

Vanessa Coleman