Natural wonders: White giraffes captured on camera for first time

They were first spotted in Tarangire National Park in northern Tanzania in April 2015, and again in the same Ishaqbini conservancy in March 2016.

Ask anyone about the most distinctive characteristics of a giraffe and they'll likely say the animal's lovely spotted pattern - and that's what makes two rare white giraffes recently spotted in Kenya all the more striking.

The giraffes, a mother and its child, have white skin due to a condition known as leucism.

This is because the baby giraffe, had very conspicuous reticulates but with a small tinge of the white coloration that seemed to continue fading away leaving the baby white as it approaches adulthood.

The unique giraffes suffer from a genetic condition called leucism, which prevents pigmentation in skin cells and results in a white, pale colour.

A pair of elusive white giraffes has been spotted near a conservation area in Kenya. Last month, rangers from the Hirola Conservation Program, which manages the protected area, came face-to-face with the creatures and captured their close encounter on video. "White lions and white penguins have also been spotted with similar pigment conditions", National Geographic reported.

White giraffes have become an increasingly common sight around Kenya and Tanzania in recent years.

One villiage told HCP: "I remember when I was a kid, we never saw them". April the Giraffe gives birth at zoo in New YorkThey said the animals were extremely calm, and then the mama signaled the baby giraffe to hide in the bushes, protecting her young.

Giraffes were listed as "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) past year.

Vanessa Coleman