Natural Gas Exports Could Be Hit By Trump's Trade War

Over the objections of Cohn, Republicans in Congress, and USA allies, Trump has increased the import levy on steel 25 percent and aluminum 10 percent.

The steel tariff threat was seen by many to be an attempt by the Trump administration to pressure Canada and Mexico to complete the NAFTA talks - giving in to other US demands or giving up some of their own -rather than risk the punishing steel and aluminum duties.

Steel stocks are getting smoked Friday after it was revealed Trump's new tariffs on imported metals will include exemptions for Canada and Mexico. He gave no details on how this figure was reached, but the US and Chinese governments generally report widely differing trade figures because Beijing counts only the first port to which goods go instead of their final destination.

"The selective application of tariffs might have short term political appeal, but in the long run it distorts the flow of trade and runs the risk of tit-for-trade sanctions that will wreak broader economic harm".

Trump's proposed tariffs not only fly in the face of sound economic sense (the current USA account deficit was cited as evidence that trading partners China and Germany were engaged in unfair practices and used to justify the proposed tariffs), but also contravene World Trade Organisation regulations. Given that 82 percent of the steel we use is produced domestically, the impact on consumers from higher prices on imported steel will be limited; the impact on aluminum, of which only 39 percent is made domestically, may be larger.

"The proposal so far would be a global tariff on steel and aluminum", he said.

The announcement of possible tariffs on aluminium and steel imports came at a very hard time for the Canadians. When that didn't work, he threatened to negotiate separate agreements with Canada and Mexico. The latest in a series of Trump's "America First" initiatives, the decision has met swift, strong backlash from major trading nations, including Washington's security allies.

"When you look at the overall situation it does look very positive for our start on Monday", Commonwealth Securities chief economist said on Sunday. Producers in the three countries are plugged into common supply and value chains, and if trade between them is distorted, it basically means that the price of their production goes up and their competitiveness goes down.

Turnbull also said Australia would not join an global protest against the US tariffs. Instead, they said, Trump is bolstering domestic industries in violation of worldwide trade rules.

Predictably, Paul Krugman, who won a Nobel prize for having the same liberal ideology as fellow Peace Prize victor Barack Obama, forecasts a level of inflation that will crush farmers, destroy real estate investors, and impoverish the United States. One convincing argument is that the tariffs - whereas they would provide a shield to the U.S. steel industry - will increase steel prices, which will backfire on consumers and industries using steel, including the vehicle industry. She added that "Europe is certainly not a threat to American internal security, so we expect to be excluded", insisting that "nobody has an interest of escalating this situation".

"We have structured these proclamations in a way which are unequivocally created to defend our aluminum and steel industries", the official said. Those companies and thousands of smaller ones that make goods that are exported benefit mightily from free global trade.

The European Union, Mr. Trump rued, makes it nearly impossible for the do business with them. The steel tariff investigation was launched to see the impact of steel imports on US national security. "We agree on the problems, not on the remedy", said an European Union official, adding that "a prescription for the wrong illness". Imports are the goal of trade.

"We're doing tariffs on steel. What I said then remains Canada's view", Freeland said. They midwifed the creation of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in 1947 and the World Trade Organization in 1995.

Vanessa Coleman