NASCAR suspends Kenseth two races

"That is one of the most emotional things that I have watched". Already viewed by many as a rich kid who used his daddy's money to crack NASCAR's top series as soon as he turned 18, his father's constant presence did Logano no favors.

Matt Kenseth lost his appeal on Thursday but pushed his defense to a final hearing.

Which leads me to point two - when NASCAR has spent multiple years pouring fuel on a fire waiting for it to erupt in a spectacular inferno, it seems disingenuous to many that now they are acting surprised that it is threatening to burn out of control. "And I should know - I'm all yellow". In the Major League Baseball, you don't outshine the pitcher; in the NFL, you don't take a cheap shot at the quarterback. "That's the story of racing from day one and will continue to be".

Gordon added, "Had Joey handled that situation at Kansas slightly better ..." Kenseth claimed after the race that a deflated tire or a mechanical failure caused the wreck. In my opinion, Matt was policing himself and the driver code. In racing it's simple, don't wreck me, race me.

Sure, Kenseth's act had massive playoff implications for Logano.

The SD, in this case, Kenseth, plowed the OD, in this case, Logano, like snow, and it tickled Tony Stewart, a frequent SD, and OD in his prime, so much that he said over the radio (h/t, "That's awesome".

Kevin Harvick didn't get out of the way two weeks ago at Talladega when his engine was failing because he knew a poor finish would knock him from the Chase.

What we're seeing in this Chase isn't racing; it's more like professional wrestling. Busch alleged there are different rules for different drivers while Hamlin said NASCAR leadership had allowed the drivers to become the "wild, wild West".

In fact, the four-time NASCAR champion acknowledged, "I was in the driver's seat when it happened". "It took me a little while to figure out what exactly I needed to run well at that place, but I felt I was hitting on it a little bit".

"I will say it was definitely a relief that I was able to come back and be the same type of driver that I was before my injury". See this issue with this is not what Gordon did, but what NASCAR didn't do. Gordon was put on probation, but let's be honest probation is just saying "don't let it happen again, or at least until we say it's okay". Not only did Gordon get off, Gordon made NASCAR look weak the next weekend when he and his #24 team took the checkard flag in the Ford 400. "And speaking of 'restraint, ' that reminds me of my first memory of my father when he duct-taped to the seat of a go-cart and said 'Drive'". "You can just race that guy really hard".

"I know there's a lot of discussion about consistency in our penalties and there should be and that's part of the equation", France said. NASCAR started the "boys have at it" culture a few years ago to gain excitement from the fans. But it's not a position any driver wants to be in. Kenseth will see an outcome to what happened on Sunday but to what extent is still up in the air at the moment. "Because we both "owe" Matt Kenseth". He was dominating on a track he had never won at before and beating the legends of the track like Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Denny Hamlin.

Kenseth's peers consider him a fair racer who follows old-school beliefs about on-track etiquette.

That's NASCAR, and that's why people love it. This sport is trying hard to make calls, but this one is wrong.

Vanessa Coleman