‘Mounting Frustrations’: Democrats Mull Primary Challenge Against Ilhan Omar

"Issues of allegiance and loyalty to one's country come with painful history", Belén Sisa, Sanders' national deputy press secretary, told Politico Tuesday. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign has apologized for comments online questioning whether American Jews held a "dual allegiance" with Israel.

It's typcally hard to replace an incumbent politician, even one as arguably polarizing as Omar, who in her first two months as a congresswoman has sparked contentious debates both as a country and within the party.

When asked by another Facebook user if her boss, who is Jewish, has "dual loyalty", she replied, "I think I would probably have to ask him?"

"Instead of specifically addressing the persistent anti-Semitic remarks made by my colleague, House Democrats chose last week to make a mockery of this institution by giving her troubling behavior yet another pass", said Congressman Steube in a statement. "They're more than willing to pose with Omar on magazine covers, but when she tried to talk about a truly hard topic, which is her job as an elected official, and her life was in danger, they kind of threw her under the bus".

The thread stated, "This is a serious question: Do you not think that the American government and American Jewish community has a dual allegiance to the State of Israel?"

Omar has been accused of making several anti-Semitic remarks that reminded many of historical tropes and slurs used against Jews. Rabbi Spero further points to Omar's position on the highly sensitive House Foreign Affairs Committee.

"Ilhan Omar went from being a Somalian refugee to a fearless Congresswoman on the hill, and has demonstrated that she is willing to learn", she continued.

Omar is one of the first two female Muslim House members, along with Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and has been the target of Islamophobic and racist attacks.

Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren also posed similar concerns, with Harris expressing her worry "that the spotlight being put on (Omar) may put her at risk".

"For weeks now, congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been under fire for comments that some said were anti-Semitic", Bee began.

Vanessa Coleman