More violence in Paris as 'yellow vests' keep marching

Police said the injured protester lost four fingers as police swooped in to stop protesters from breaching the parliament's exterior. Representatives for the yellow vest movement dispute that claim, according to the BBC.

Although, the eurozone's second largest economy's president, Emmanuel Macron had promised an exhaustive mining of new jobs during taking the office in 2017, Macron's attempts appeared to be pulled back since last Autumn upon exposure to violent protests, which initially introduced as a "Yellow Vest" protest to deduce taxes on energies such as oil.

Masked men threw projectiles at police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

One witness who filmed the incident, 21-year-old Cyprien Royer, said it had been caused by a flash-ball grenade fired by police to disperse the crowd. The protest march is due to end up near the Eiffel Tower. A total of 38 people were arrested.

The yellow vest protests began in mid-November, spurred by anger over high gas prices in rural areas where people depend on their cars because of no access to public transportation.

"And you cannot just say "let's go on with austerity because it's the only thing we can do".

In the eastern city of Saint Etienne, eight police officers were slightly hurt during clashes with some protesters on the fringes of the march there, local police said. That was down from the previous week, when official figures put the number at 58,600, 10,500 in Paris.

Thousands more protesters turned out in the French Mediterranean ports of Marseille and Montpellier and also in Bordeaux and Toulouse in the southwest - strongholds of the movements - and in several cities in the north and west of France.

"A Right-wing group of Yellow Vests attacked a Left-wing one, and the result was carnage", one protester who witnessed the confrontation told reporters, according to the Daily Mail Sunday.

Politicians came together to condemn the arson attack on the home of Richard Ferrand, a close ally of Mr Macron, in Motreff, Brittany.

Vanessa Coleman