More Uber internal problems surface in lawsuit

Just a day after Benchmark Capital Partners sued former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, another faction (of unknown size) led by investors Shervin Pishevar has asked that Benchmark call off its lawsuit, resign its board seat, and sell a substantial portion of its holdings in the ridesharing company.

The complaint also accuses Kalanick of concealing information and actions from the board regarding the mishandling of medical files of a rape victim in India, executives' visit to an escort bar in South Korea and Greyball, the secret software used to thwart law enforcement in areas where its services were restricted.

The venture capital firm alleges Kalanick "fraudulently" obtained the power in 2016 to name three additional members to the company's board of directors. A tape of Kalanick arguing with an Uber driver over falling fares was also released in February, prompting the CEO to apologize and admit that he needs leadership help.

Kalanick is yet to respond to this allegation but the charges against him are many varied.

The board had a meeting scheduled for Friday, Axios said.

Members of the board sent an e-mail to Uber staff expressing dismay over the Benchmark lawsuit, according to a copy of the note.

As per the suit filed in Delaware Chancery Court, Kalanick stands accused of going against the terms of his retirement as CEO, besides using his clout to plot his return as the chief executive of the company.

"Kalanick's improper role on the board threatens the sound management of Uber during this critical period", the suit states. But in a statement, Kalanick's spokesperson said the lawsuit is an attempt to deprive Kalanick of his rights as an Uber founder and shareholder.

Benchmark said it never would have granted Kalanick control over the additional seats had it been aware of the "gross mismanagement of Uber and several other significant matters".

Senior vice president of global operations Ryan Graves was the subject of news as he revealed his intention to see himself out of his current position by September, ABC News reported.

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Vanessa Coleman