Mookie Betts was flawless in the World Series of Bowling

"This is definitely the most important one", he said. At least we all know what Betts will be doing when he retires from running around the baseball diamond.

Here's footage from the 2017 PBA World Series of Bowling in which he completes a 300 game easily and just a simple little fist pump to celebrate. Betts also partook in the World Series of Bowling in 2015. There has been another flawless game in the World Series ... of Bowling, that is. In bowling, a flawless game is a 300 score, which means you get a strike (and knock down all the pins) in every single frame you bowl. He had an average score of 205.60 through 40 games in the 2017 tournament, according to the PBA website.

Mookie Betts and his Boston Red Sox were one of those teams. This past season he batted.264, with 24 home runs, 102 RBIs with an OPS of.083 during 153 games, despite having several nagging injuries during the season, that included a wrist problem late during September.

Betts finished 144th in the tournament.

According to a PBA spokesperson, Betts plans to rejoin the bowling tour on February 4 to compete in the annual Chris Paul Celebrity Invitational in Houston.

Vanessa Coleman