Mobile is taking on phone scammers with new Caller Verified technology

No wonder people are answering the phone less often and using other communication methods, like texting.

Call Verified is free for T-Mobile customers. The carrier's Caller Verified technology is being deployed to the Galaxy Note 9 first, activating when an incoming calls arrives.

To say that spam calls are annoying would not only be redundant, but it'd also be a big understatement. However, the carrier promises it's going to expand the tool later this year.

Galaxy Note 9 owners subscribed to T-Mobile in the USA have just got an exclusive feature. Though it's launching on Samsung's handset first, T-Mobile plans to make the Caller Verified feature available to all of its smartphone customers later in 2019. You don't have to do anything else to get this benefit - it's already in place and working for you. This is all to help fight caller ID spoofing, which is a technique scammers use to temporarily hijack a phone number to match the area code and three-digit prefix of a person they're calling to make the incoming call look legitimate. Customers that have been updated with the carrier's new technology will now see a "Caller Verified" label when a voice message has been confirmed as a real phone call and not one generated by scammers.

T-Mobile is the first company to apply the STIR/SHAKEN standards, so you'll only see "Call Verified" if the call is coming from another T-Mobile customer.

T-Mobile said in November that it was ready for both of the standards, which have been recommended by the FCC. Once other wireless providers implement STIR/SHAKEN, Caller Verified will work on calls made across networks'.

Vanessa Coleman